Comedy Central Roast GFX

Viacom Nederland

Our challenge was to build on the success of our stage visuals we created for the previous year's Roast of Ali B and create more than just an illusion for legendary Dutch magician Hans Klok.
Our approach
We asked ourselves how to turn back the hands of time? Capturing the moment Hans missed his big opportunity to have his own Vegas stage show.

The Production
Filmed in front of a live audience in a circular auditorium, the execution was spectacular.

With over 21 million pixels, the audience was blown away by the changing environment and stage visuals.

The time motif became the backbone for the narrative of the show, referencing Klok's ageless looks and a lifetime of entertainment. We also drew inspiration from Las Vegas imagery for the broadcast opening titles.

Roast opening broadcast titles

Comedy Central Roast of Ali B, Stage Visuals

Comedy Central Netherlands

We hebben de liveshow-graphics voor Comedy Central's Roast of Ali B gemaakt, evenals graphics voor digitale inhoud rondom het evenement.

De grappigste braadvideo's van Comedy Central GFX

Viacom Nederland

Gemaakt  toon GFX voor Comedy Central's Funniest Roast Videos, een verzameling van de beste momenten uit de The Roast-serie.

Resultaten: Intro leader, Lower 3rds, D Bump, E Bump, 6 overgangen, Achtergronden, ondersteuning GFX.